[Turn] Open source Jshop applet mall

[Turn] Open source Jshop applet mall

Project introduction Jshop applet mall is an open source e-commerce system, including WeChat applet, Alipay applet, APP, official account, H5 terminal, PC terminal, Douyin applet, Today s headline applet, Pippi shrimp applet Programs, watermelon video applets, provide excellent solutions for mobile e-commerce for large and medium-sized enterprises.

The backend is developed with Thinkphp5.1 framework, and the execution efficiency, scalability, and stability are trustworthy. And the Jshop applet mall is easy to get started, which can save a lot of customized development cycle.

The front desk is developed with uni-app, which is more adaptable, faster in page opening and rendering efficiency, and the ordering process is smooth and natural, which can greatly increase the user experience and increase the order volume.

Powerful promotion engine, a variety of promotion methods can be freely matched to meet the needs of promotion methods in various scenarios, making activities more flexible and simple, and it is also very convenient in promotion expansion

Front-end template introduction uni-app simple order template, new UI design, more interactive details, we do our best to provide you with a smoother and more comfortable experience, increase support for Alipay applets, APP, realize a back-end, manage 10 front end.

At the same time, a set of front-end code is implemented and multiple platforms are released, which can provide more powerful support for your business!

About open source

Why is it open source but not free? On the one hand, it allows us to have the motivation and resources for continuous maintenance. On the other hand, it also does not want you to worry about the future and avoid later disputes.

The level of our team is limited, and we are learning and improving through exploration. The open source is for the convenience of everyone and also to improve the quality of the project. We believe that your participation can make our system more complete and robust.

Since I worked, I have seen too many excellent free systems, because I can t stick to it and lose maintenance, and some are free in the early stage and later turned into a fee. The so-called promise is not as good as charging at the beginning, so we open source but Not free.

Function introduction Product management, single-specification, multi-specification product management, brand, classification management, product evaluation order management, order payment, delivery, cancellation, after-sales membership management, member list, message management, user level and other operational management, advertising management , Article management WeChat management, applet management, WeChat official account management, template list, official account menu management promotion management, product promotion, order promotion, coupons, group purchase spike, group management, financial management, payment order, refund order management , Withdrawal management, account funds, invoice management control panel, scheduled tasks, plug-ins, pictures, regions, messages, store configuration, payment methods, delivery methods, logistics company management. Trust login plugin, Alibaba Cloud OSS plugin, Alibaba Cloud SMS plugin, WeChat message template plugin, distribution function store management, store list. Store verification, clerk management, bill of lading management. Smart forms, form list, form statistics, form submission management, form applet code and other statistical reports, product sales statistics, financial collection statistics, order sales statistics page management, layout management, page visualization operation, smart form descriptions, smart forms include: These types of orders, payment codes, messages, feedback, registration, and research can realize store collection, in-store order scanning, event reservation, event reservation, conference registration, online registration, class sign-in, etc. Smart forms can provide more powerful assistance for your online and offline integration.

Project demonstration uniapp simple template project address: gitee.com/hnjihai/uni...

Uniapp simple template experience address: demo.jihainet.com/wap

H5 demo at the front desk: b2c.jihainet.com/

Background demo: b2c.jihainet.com/manage/

Mini Program Experience QR Code

Project screenshot

Background screenshot

The initial directory structure is as follows:

wwwroot WEB deployment directory (or subdirectory) addons application plug-in directory application application directory api api interface module directory b2c front-end module common common module directory crontab timing task directory job task queue directory manage background management directory wechat receiving WeChat message directory command.php command line tool configuration file common.php common function file tags.php application behavior extension definition File config configuration file directory public WEB directory (external access directory) install automatic installation directory static front-end static file wap front-end mobile phone running directory index.php entry file .htaccess is used to rewrite apache thinkphp thinkphp framework system directory update version upgrade package extend extension class library directory runtime application runtime directory (writable, customizable) vendor third-party class library Directory (Composer dependent library) uni-app front-end source code (support WeChat applet, Alipay applet, APP, official account, H5 end, PC end, Douyin applet, Today's headline applet, Pippi shrimp applet, Watermelon video applet) build.php automatically generates definition file (reference) composer.json composer definition file LICENSE.txt authorization description file README.md README file think command line entry file crontab Update instructions for the command line entry file of timed tasks 2021-1-6 v2.4.0

Fix the problem of exporting the order list by searching the user name. Fix the login problem of the account disabled. Fix the bug of the product list filter item. Fix the problem of binding the mobile phone number. Optimize the point list. Solve the error message pop-up problem. Fix the product list filter bug. Optimize the menu in node management. When editing nodes, sometimes bugs do not come out. Back-end order viewing details are optimized. Order editing is optimized and fixed. When the group record is canceled, the order status is incorrect and the payment is returned repeatedly. The product selection plugin is added, and the back-end order editing-addition, deletion, and modification of order details Check order editing, add order detail button, optimize order detail editing, add order log, product classification interface, optimize pop-up window, single selection, multiple selection, and data default selection. Problem shopping cart page added anti-shake products, membership import fix coupons, add exclusive backstage order menu Button optimization to solve the problem of different background colors of article details page. Product list expansion and classification. Fix adding URL decoding to the parameters requested during export. Optimize import and export list. Modify the home page coupon style. Fix the value transfer problem of the coupon field when submitting an order. Group optimization. Optimize the gender of the personal information page. And the birthday trigger area has become larger. Solve the problem that the coupon name is too long on my coupon page. Switch specifications and optimize the coupon problem. Coupon list filtering. Optimize the search page and clear the function. Solve the problem of clicking the button in the personal center multiple times when the page is not logged in. The page appears multiple times Fix the problem of clicking the page jump when the personal center is not logged in. Add the receiving address to optimize the product sales ranking interface. Order selection address plus editing function Add the analysis function of Tencent map and optimize the latitude and longitude of the receiving address to solve the app.ios sharing product details are only pictures and failed to save posters. Fix the group buying spike problem, Tencent map problem, fix the error that the log prompts when the file is uploaded, the SMS platform address upgrade, the background list sorting bug, the report-product statistics increase, return quantity statistics, post-sales process optimization, bug Fix subscription message optimization upgrade express bird query logistics upgrade fix login log empty problem import and export prompts optimize distribution center my shop add block return home button withdrawal bug fix add bargaining function fix user list export problem optimize membership table structure live broadcast plug-in upgrade Add and edit members in the background prohibit default input. Increase the webview jump function in the site. Optimize the page editing, increase the homepage function. Balance change record. Increase the order number. Fix the bug when there are less than 4 purchase records. The bottom spacing is removed, which is more suitable for typesetting to display the shelf status when selecting the product. Fix the automatic playback setting problem of the video 2020-7-6 v2.3.0

User level upgrade plug-in inventory management plug-in menu configuration file optimization node permissions function improved plug-in refresh function optimized user list filtering New user remarks field compatible with user name login, user capital flow added nickname search, administrator log and user log separate product type related attributes Style optimization Fix the bug of batch price change of goods Set the product evaluation menu, you can inject the sql injection vulnerability in the permission setting of the product list Fix the product details plus inventory information Fix the background product editing When the specifications are closed, the custom specification value in the product is set to empty. Product type bug fixes the extended classification If you don t choose, don t save and cancel the order plan task. Add group join, seckill, and group purchase. New promotion gift function. Fix order timing signing bug. Order editing. Order details show when the order is promoted. When the order is promoted, the amount of goods on the order table is optimized. Optimize and modify the order price and postage. Refactor the promotion process. Fix the bug when there is no promotion type. When there is no promotion condition, the promotion does not take effect. When the promotion is edited, add a description text and only bargain when the promotion conditions are met. Optimize group group optimization Group purchase spike optimization Fixes the group purchase spike problem when multiple promotional conditions are fixed Fix the problem that the token verification error after deleting the conditions of the group purchase seckill is edited. The group purchase seckill is added and removed from the shelves. The group purchase homepage list price is fixed and optimized. The crossed price of the group purchase seckill is switched specifications. The group inventory problem is optimized. The group sales statistics are repaired. Group joining, group joining bug fixes, reverse ordering of joining group records, optimization of group joining details page copy link When group joining products are deleted, not allowed to enter the group joining group details page After joining the group sharing, the font of the poster can not be directly changed to Alibaba Pratt & Whitney fonts Poster increase cache homepage share poster production fix coupon problem when deleting coupon data, delete the unused coupons of the user at the same time, add WeChat applet live broadcast function to solve the problem of copying link of group goods, modify import and export log content type front-end personal Optimize the display of the user name and mobile number in the information. The background token verification mechanism is enabled by default to prevent CSRF attacks and prevent repeated submission of forms. If you don t want to enable it, change the validate_token in config\app.php to false. 2020-02-09 v2.2.0

Fix the issue of displaying off-shelf products. Rich text editing plugin issue. Fix Alipay applet and Douyin applet compatibility with invoice and address selection issues. Optimize express bird plugin. Optimize and fix store address bug. Optimize the prompt message when the delivery is 0. Fix the store not opened. Fix the problem that the balance recharge payment fails to pass on ios. Increase the menu permissions of the plug-in. Fix the problem that the navigation grouping component cannot select the article category. Fix the bug that the balance recharge can t be recharged. Fix the group search bug. The article details are added. One articleNext articleCoupons increase to receive restrictions on the number of coupons. Optimized. Increased the picture component on the homepage. Click to receive the coupons. Group purchase. Increased the number of purchases per person. Increased the number of purchase restrictions per person. Product activity inventory. Increased the number of purchases. Page management. Tab switching bug Optimized the search box style for delivery details Modify the product details page Product details Optimized article edit text box Fix and fix the bug of after-sales return confirmation and receipt Fix the problem that the single image component on the homepage cannot jump The back-end pop-up window size is optimized, which can be based on the current display Resolution to adapt to picture window components. Optimize timing tasks. Add command line mode. Fix Alibaba Cloud SMS plug-in reminder template. Fix some known bugs in Alibaba Cloud SMS. Add Tencent Cloud cos image storage engine. The bug that is not selected after it is turned on. Fix the problem that the form cannot be recharged. Optimize the direct payment when the 0 yuan order is generated. Add the subscription reminder function on the home page. Optimize the subscription message reminder mechanism. Remove taskphp. Fix the invoice export error. Fix the export verification error. Add Tencent. Cloud SMS plug-in after-sales issues Optimized the issue of star ratings not displayed. Optimized and fixed the issue that the search box does not float in the applet after upgrading the custom compilation component. Removed the more repeated order list. Obtained the interface code. Deleted the user. Synchronously deleted the user_wx table. The home page added tabbar. Optimized component refund amount. Put the text description of the product detail page on the mobile terminal to the background control. Optimize the export of the invoice. Fix a bug when the group button is clicked. WeChat Pay supports the service provider model (WeChat Pay is a major upgrade, the rate is lower, contact customer service to apply) After delivery, inventory is deducted In some areas, the first weight is 0 and the continued weight is valuable, and the shipping cost is negative.Fix the problem of product type selection parameters. When there are too many parameters, optimize the product inventory is removed, and the product on the order submission page is empty. Back-end home page membership statistics optimization distribution center optimization fix group countdown does not display problem sharing function reconstruction (url Sharing, QR code, posters, etc.) Print shopping list, distribution list to product number, some known page optimization 2019-11-20 v2.1.0 update log

Modified pseudo-static, better compatible with h5 end and pc end and back office, optimized after-sales order process, fundamentally solved various after-sales problems, optimized order delivery process, compatible with partial delivery and combined batch delivery, optimized delivery orders Optimized the post-sales information display on the back-end order list page of the module. Optimized the article classification. Optimized the article category. Optimized the description and click volume fields on the article. Optimized the invoice process. Page interface adjustment, directly request the payment single interface backend layui framework to upgrade to 2.5.5 Front-end personal center style adjustment, compatible with two styles uni-app compilation mode changed from non-custom mode to custom mode Modify some known bugs Front-end template Uni-app is moved from the independent git repository to/uni-app in the root directory of the current project, so that the front and back versions can be matched in the future. Adjustment of the menu on the left side of the background 2019-09-28 v2.0.7 update log

Fix page group purchase spike expiration problem Fix form editing problem General distribution plug-in details optimization Fix product customization specification problem Optimize order cancellation Automatic script Optimize order automatic completion script Optimize background order list order type filter page Visual editing optimization optimization Alipay applet login interface unified processing An error message is reported in the background, and a friendly error is reported when there is no permission. Modify the product list label to cause the problem of js error. Add a lottery plug-in (paid). Optimize the uni-app version page url method. Remove the # number. Use the points verification record. Add a note. Add to the shopping cart, it is not allowed to display in the shopping cart list to ensure the unified access address api.html of the interface, Before you can directly access the interface, now it fixes the problem of optimizing visual editing, group joining and promotion is empty SF Express optimizes and fixes the bug of express query error. Optimizes the background list. Fixes the bug that the order details are empty when there is a large amount of data or the network is not strong. Fixes the bug that mysql reports errors when the plug-in api login judges that there is no token. Increase the clear application Cache settings, template cache optimization, official account attention, response optimization, plug-in installation failure problem when there is no mount point, fix bug that hook cannot be removed when plug-in is uninstalled, back-end order statistics and financial statistics plus summary picture table, add Alibaba Cloud type Optimized the problem of excessive page layout data.Fixed the problem of inconsistency between payment and login on WeChat and unable to pay.Fixed the problem of bill of lading appointment query.Added video and video playback functions. Product editing, product description removed more than colon, and shipping method is full. Fix the bug that product reviews are not displayed under abnormal conditions. Fix the bug that there is no pop-up window for batch printing of express orders. The built-in SMS template adds parameter notes. If you want to modify the content of the SMS using SMS channels such as Maixin, it is very simple. When the background product category is modified, add the parent category farther to prevent it from falling into an infinite loop. Fix the bug that there is no inviter when the mobile phone number is not bound. When paying, modify the payment name, take the product name to repair the product type, and report an error when all parameters are cancelled. deal with. Optimize inventory description language. When adding products, optimize the display of product categories. Optimize the form table. Bug fixes can only be added to the form. Export function. Region table. Zip code. Login log. Added user name. Add the function of batch deletion of operation logs. Fix the problem that group purchase spike can add multiple school conditions. Backstage style details optimize environment requirements Nginx/Apache/IIS PHP7.0-7.2 MySQL5.5+ Recommended environment: Linux + Nginx1.14 + PHP7.0 + MySQL5.6

Deployment instructions Installation and deployment

Nginx pseudo-static configuration, do not use this configuration for Apache location/wap/{try_files uri/wap/index.html;} location/{if (!-e request_filename){ rewrite ^(.*)/index.php?s=/index.php?s= 1 last; break;}} If there is a cross-domain problem with saving pictures in H5, add the following configuration to nginx

location ~ .*\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|png)$ { add_header Access-Control-Allow-Origin *; add_header Access-Control-Allow-Headers X-Requested-With; add_header Access-Control-Allow-Methods GET,POST,OPTIONS; } Copy code

Apache pseudo-static configuration RewriteEngine On RewriteBase/RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^wap/(.*)/wap/index.html [QSA,PT,L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond 1!(wap)RewriteRule(. )1 !^(wap) RewriteRule ^(.*)index.php?s=/$1 [QSA,PT,L] Timing tasks configure Linux to execute Shell commands

Cancel unpaid orders regularly

php think jshop cancle

Timed reminders for orders that are about to be cancelled

php think jshop remind

Regularly sign for shipped orders

php think jshop sign

Regular evaluation of signed orders

php think jshop evaluate

Complete the evaluated order regularly

php think jshop complete

Cancel orders that failed to join the group regularly

php think jshop pintuan_cancle

Regularly clean up background operation logs

php think jshop remove_op_log Note 1: think must be assigned to the think file in the project root directory. Note 2: Ensure that the version of php under the Shell command is between 7.0.* ~ 7.3.*, and other php versions may have unknown errors. Note: This article is a reprinted article, please go to the change address to view the original text. ( Gitee.com/hnjihai/jsh...