Java training achieves a monthly salary of 15k, what have I experienced (by no means an advertisement)

Java training achieves a monthly salary of 15k, what have I experienced (by no means an advertisement)

Java training achieves a monthly salary of 15k, what have I experienced (by no means an advertisement)

I am a Java developer who entered the IT industry through training. I am currently working in a technology company in Guangzhou. I am an intermediate Java developer with a monthly salary of 16k. Among the classmates who graduated in the same class, I should be in the upper middle level, and I have been following in the footsteps of the big guys.

My entry into the IT industry was also under the guidance and influence of many senior leaders in the IT industry. The two most important ones are: Mr. Ren Xiaolong (Baidu can search for it, Mr. Ren s Java basic course has been learned three times over and over again); the editor of the Java learning official account Zeng Aniu (study on his official account after work, Also influenced by him, I applied for an official account to record my study notes). After my first Java training was pitted, I was unwilling to get the contact information of the two seniors through various channels, and called to ask them to give me some guidance, such as: Should I learn Java again? Can I find a job after learning? What kind of organization can learn real technology? Issues such as money and time spent. They also answered me patiently. It can be said that these two directly influenced my later career direction and made me a Java developer.

It is because of the influence of the predecessors that I am today. They are happy to share and are happy to help influence others. As someone who came over, I want to share my entire journey into the industry, hoping to help readers, if you have any questions, you can add my friends to ask me, and I will be happy to help you answer them. During the sharing process, there will not be any advertisements, including the name of my training school, because I feel that if the color of the advertisement is included, the sharing will become untrue. If you want to know the specific details, just talk to me directly, here is only the sharing of my experience. If you are also confused and hesitant, I hope I can help you.

The first stage: the first 2 years of Hun Ou's university

I participated in the college entrance examination in 2015, and my high school grades were average, and my college entrance examination results were 8 points below the score of a book. When I chose a major, I didn't know anything about college majors and employment prospects. I chose a profession that sounds more domineering: mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation. Thinking about the transformation of the manufacturing industry to automation, I can find a satisfactory job in the future. I didn't expect to find a job in the manufacturing industry after graduation: casting. Due to the low income, I did not insist on the work of this major. I'll talk about this later.

Fortunately, I was selected by the first choice of the two colleges I chose after careful consideration. I graduated from Yunnan Agricultural University, and Yunnan Agricultural University ranks 3rd in the university rankings of Yunnan Province (it is undeniable that Yunnan's education level is indeed lagging behind the developed coastal provinces). operation. After adapting to college life, I no longer focus on my studies. I play mobile phones when I sleep in class and use mobile phones without sleeping at night. Schools are in a mess, and there is only one goal at the end of the term: 60 minutes long live.

After a semester, I suddenly felt that if I finished my college career like this, my life would be like this in the future. With this kind of mental awareness, I met the seniors who had received ishow English training to recruit students. After understanding, I feel that if I can learn English well, looking for a job in the future may become a strong competitive force for me, and I can pass English level 4 and 6 by the way. With this idea, my friends from the Agricultural University and I formed a small English morning reading team. From the first semester to the sophomore year, I woke up at 6 a.m. to learn spoken English crazy. In fact, I scored 60 points in English in the college entrance examination, 0 in English listening test, and 12 points in the second test. English has always been my pain point, so I want to learn it well. It may be that the learning method is wrong. My sense of English is very poor. I spend a lot of time in English, with little effect. I took 252 points in the English Test Band 4 in my sophomore year (the first grade of agricultural university is not allowed to register for the Band 4 test). After signing up for the two levels of training, there was no progress. In addition, because I owed a lot of money to learn English, I finally gave up studying. The two trainings cost the parents 15 thousand and no results. The training location was in Chenggong. Every time I went to study travel and food expenses at the National Agricultural University in Panlong District, my life was very restrained. I was so poor that I doubted my life, and I have been encouraging myself, and I will definitely earn it double in the future. I believe the examples of successful people cited by the teachers and seniors, I think I can too. Little do they know that the proportion of successful students is very small. So you should never be impressed by the very few outstanding and successful examples of sales. After a year and a half, I stopped spending money on training. My goal has become just to pass the 4th and 6th grades, and persist in the morning reading for a period of time. The second time the fourth grade is 2 points higher than the first. I finally accepted the fact that I was not learning English. But also because of this experience, I didn't have such a fear of English in the process of learning Java later, and it was easier to pass the novice period.

In the next semester of the sophomore year, the whole process was spent in a muddle-headed state.

The second stage: the junior chooses to train into the profession, but is scammed

In the last semester of the junior year, there were many special sessions and lectures in the spring recruitment, and I went to participate in the employment situation. I found that the salary for mechanical professions is not high, and there are very few good companies to recruit at school, and good companies require four or six grades to pass. All these reasons make my crisis awareness stronger. At this time, I participated in a presentation by an IT training organization. At the meeting, it was claimed that the cooperation with the school would allow students to go for an internship for four months for free. This is all nonsense, but I just believe it, thinking that since it is a cooperation with the school, it should be very trustworthy). Then I cited some successful examples and talked about the income and prospects of the IT industry. Of course, it was the guise of cooperating with the school that finally made me confuse me. After filling in the list, I learned about the IT industry through the Internet, went to the library to look for computer-related books, etc., without the help of people in the industry, I was unable to understand the specifics of IT work by myself. What is it for (after all, the interlacing is like a mountain).

Under the various tricks of the sales staff of the training organization, I signed up and they helped me to arrange the installment for a total price of 17,980 (the so-called free internship means that the method of applying for the installment is 8+12. The first 8 months each The monthly repayment is 180, and there are more than 1,600 per month for the next 12 months. The contract has been thrown out by me, and I can t do such stupid things.) For me, a student party, it is a person who has spent parents money to learn English. Say. 17980 is simply a sky-high price. The tuition fee is lied to the parents that it is free, and the living expenses are deducted and repaid in installments for the expenses of study. When you applied for the installment, it felt wrong, but the staff used words to make you feel that you have worked in eight months, and more than 1,600 per month is just a small part of your salary. In the end, I chose to believe in them, believing that I can successfully find a job by studying hard for 4 months (I am also desperate to find a way out of work). After signing up, the professional course is to read the basics of Java, and the class is not to listen. It is to read books all day long. Students who have studied Java should know that the learning efficiency of only reading books without hands-on learning is very low. So all I did was useless. At that time, I didn't understand the Java basic course of Teacher Ren Xiaolong, and I was just messing around.

The training period takes 4 months, and I can only use the continuous time of summer vacation to study. The place of study is in Kunming Wanda Plaza. It takes 1 hour to go from school to work, two hours to commute to and from work every day, travel expenses are 12 yuan back and forth, 15 meals per meal, and more than 40 per day. I don t dare to rent a house to study if I have no money. So I went back to the painful days when I had no money and had to tell myself that this was the last chance to change, and secretly cheered up. Because I learned a little bit and thought I knew it, I was quite confident in choosing the topic of the graduation project to realize the automation of Java program control machinery. Java is not good at mechanical control. My final design is to use the solutions that others have already implemented through the network means to reproduce a set of laser engraving machines by myself (just like there are tutorials, just let the machine run). The next semester of the junior year will start, and there are a lot of professional courses. I plan to continue my study during the winter vacation. I can continue to study when I do my graduation project in my senior year. Who would have thought that when I was free, the institution would not have a suitable class to let me transfer to the class (cannot recruit people, and could not start classes). In the senior year, we 6.people from the Agricultural University realized that they had been cheated, and went to the person who sold the class to withdraw from the class at that time. If the school can't control it, let us go to the police, and the police said it can't control it. A few poor students were so unlucky, but I was not reconciled. I always wanted to find a chance to continue studying. I didn t have the ability to learn after the money. No one wanted to open it. At that time, I wanted to bring a knife and find me to do installment sales. (Impulsive is not advisable).

During the summer training, I found that many of my classmates are computer-related majors from Qujing Normal University. They have the basics. I can t keep up. The teacher s words are simple, the passing is fast, I m struggling to follow, and the commute time is long. No, I knew the video of Mr. Ren Xiaolong at this time, so I was watching Mr. Ren's basic courses on the subway. The organization was loosely managed, and the teaching level was stretched. In the end, I didn't learn anything. I only learned the basics of Java and then studied. After leaving school, I learned Java again in school and consolidated it, but I didn't have the opportunity to go back to school later. The students of Qujing Normal University completed the training. I took the initiative to participate when they shared the project design before graduation. After all, I also want to know what level I can achieve after graduation. Now it seems that the level of the students is also the same. The application level of the MMS framework is barely at the level of primary Java development. There is no distributed technology, no cache application, and none of the mainstream technologies in the market have been applied to the practice projects. I have learned about their salary after graduation, 3000-4000 salary, in Kunming, excluding the rent, but also installment, and they dare not eat well. The employment rate is less than 50%, and many give up employment after graduation. In the previous classmates, no one was active. I was eager to know their work situation. I hope someone can share it with me, but no one will kill me. At the time, I felt that people who majored in computer science were so stubborn, did they look down on me, a layman who wanted to change careers? Why they ignore me has become an unsolved mystery in the world. It is also such an experience. I am happy to help people who want to learn about the IT industry. Even if I don't know, I am happy to help find resources and share them with him.

The third stage: graduated in installments, can only engage in university professional work

Spring recruits in the last semester of my senior year. For the sake of insurance, I must find a job for insurance. In case I fail to study, I will not be forced to pay the installment; I participate in the recruitment of the 11th Engineering Bureau of Water Resources and Hydropower, and I have the opportunity I signed the tripartite agreement. At this time, I hesitated. I called a teacher in the organization I thought I was trustworthy and told him about my thoughts and situation. His suggestion was to do my best if I thought about it. Don t Regret, don't waver repeatedly. Good guy, I simply refused to sign, and plunged into the Java world again. At the end of the spring recruitment, my classmates signed contracts one by one, and I was really panicked. I participated in the job fair of a Yunnan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise. It is difficult for me to enter a state-owned enterprise, so I don t choose). , I was lucky enough to pass the interview, the salary and holiday benefits mentioned during the recruitment were still satisfied, so I signed the job. I am also grateful to this company for giving me the opportunity to have income when I was in the hardest time, so that I would not be desperate when I graduated.

As mentioned earlier, my tuition installment model is 8+12, and when I am about to graduate from my senior year, I will pay back 1,600 every month. I am jokes that my living expenses are not so high every month, and I can t pay it myself. I have never had a suitable class to transfer to and resume school. I will graduate soon after I graduated from the senior year. In this case, even if I can resume school, I dare not dare. 1600 per month. After graduation, you can t live in school, you don t have money to rent, and there is no way to guarantee the cost of studying. What's more, my tuition fees are all lied to my parents that it is free. My parents' income is very low and they don't have the face to ask for money, so I can only choose to find employment first and then seek the opportunity to return to school.

The graduation ceremony was over, and the next day after that, I followed the National Agricultural University to sign the company s classmates to report that they were ready to go to work (I remember it on June 27). 17 of the National Agricultural University s classmates signed this company, mechanical design and manufacturing. There are 7 students majoring in automation and they are also classmates. The other is the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery and its automation (just kidding, how can the Agricultural University have no agricultural machinery? The Agricultural University still has something to do with it. Academician Zhu Youyong is the pride of the Agricultural University), which is regarded as a brother major. I am very happy to join the company, the company has a good atmosphere, and it pays enough attention to college students like us to cultivate us as the backbone of the future. At this time, my hopes of changing careers in Java training were almost dashed, and I plan to do my job well in this major.

In the first month of work, due to my strong physique, I was assigned to the most bitter and highest-tech position-the boiler post, mainly using high-frequency electric furnace scrap iron to smelt molten iron at around 1500 C, adding a certain proportion of alloy Elements, finally cast into nodular cast iron fasteners (used at the scaffold connection), one can imagine the working environment: gray, hot, and bitter. Pushing a trolley a day to pull scrap steel is very training biceps, Fei Gang s dust makes your nostrils dark every day, and two layers of masks don t work well. The molten iron will fry occasionally, and it is common for the molten iron to foam. The masters who took me are very willing to teach me the knowledge of steelmaking, plus taking notes and studying after I go back, the day is also very fulfilling and very happy. There are three masters who took me. Why are there three? Because they are in three classes, the college students only arrange day classes in the first month after they arrive, so I get in touch with three masters in one round a month. The relationship with the three masters is also very good. If there is a chance, I hope I can invite them to have a barbecue and drink some wine.

The company encourages us to make suggestions to expose management problems in production. Since I want to stay, I will privately send some of the problems I see in my work to good leaders, and they also give me feedback. Every time I train, Leaders are not talking about the company's future plans, development directions, goals, visions, etc. I am not cold to talk empty talk. I have been observing how the company does it during production. The fasteners are used in engineering, and quality problems can kill people. I play basketball and talk to old employees to inquire about internal information. After working for 2 months, I gradually feel something is wrong. The leadership team is absolutely strong, but the workers are negative and fail to implement the instructions. Various problems reflect that the company has very serious problems. Therefore, it is necessary for college students to inject fresh blood, various trainings, and training efforts. I feel valued.

The fourth stage: What is the way to go if the work is not satisfactory

Worked for 18 days in the first month and got a salary of 2980. I am very happy. The salary is really around 5,000 and I am very satisfied. I paid in installments and returned the money I borrowed to my classmates, with a few hundred yuan left. I was very happy to receive my salary for the first time. The second month is 3,500. I can't believe it. I have two days off in a month. Is it because of poor performance. In the third month, it was still more than 3,000, and I gradually realized that things were not simple, and it was completely different from when I was recruiting. In addition, I have been observing the working attitude and status of front-line workers and paying attention to the production status of generators in the next plant. After all, the company's future profitable technology is still the development of generators. Unexpectedly, the things produced by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department are the same as garbage, and the leadership did not make any changes to it for more than March. The entire department passed by, fished in troubled waters, and forced away capable technical backbones, so I couldn't see hope, and the sense of crisis came!

The wages are low and the company's prospects are uncertain. My immediate thoughts are: if I reach the age of 25 or 30, my salary will be more; when can I buy a car and a house; when can I make my parents less stressed and have a bright future. So I suddenly wanted to pay the installment, save some money to continue training Java, and switch careers! At that time, I didn't know that the institution that pitted me had closed down, and people went to the building to be empty!

I go back to the dormitory after get off work every day to learn basic Java videos from my teacher, type codes, and take notes. I work for eight hours, and I have about two hours of self-study every day. The progress is slow and I forget quickly. If I want to choose to continue training, I must prepare in advance. If I act, I will have no retreat. One poor batch, only some unrealistic ideas are left. Poor is thinking about change.

During my self-study period, I contacted the previous training institution and found that it had closed down. I found the director of education of the institution, hoping to refund the money, or how to give me a chance to continue learning. Teacher Xian is very nice. He also planned to bring students. I can join the few students he brought without having to spend any more money. After that, I have been following the development of Mr. Xian's opening of classes, and I am ready to resign at any time. I don t need to spend any money to study in teacher Xian s class, but I feel unstable. He takes the students by himself and the number of students is uncertain. Although he promises that he will teach even if I am alone. If it is really me, he will have the time and energy to teach. me? I am more worried. At this time, I am also learning about other organizations. I didn t think about finding a job by online self-study. Not to mention that I don t have much time, but I have to take care of all kinds of trivial matters. The time and energy are limited, but it costs more. A long time has no effect. I found the senior Zeng Aniu who studied Java through the official account, and I learned some things about training and work through WeChat chat. He gave me answers, and he was more worried about me being trapped when reporting training. (IT training is deep and I can t find it. I work a lot), I asked about my work location and plan, and gave some suggestions. When I planned to go to Guangzhou for training, he also recommended the organization he had trained before. There are a lot of institutions that I know about, such as Dark Horse, Dane, and some institutions that have forgotten their names. When I first arrived in Guangzhou, I was eager to try them out. Because I was timid (poor), I had already found a job before I came, and I had borrowed money to book a room for rent, so I didn't even consider the institution I knew to try to study and experience. Facts have proved that my choice is right. After graduation, I am more technically competitive than students from other institutions, and the employment rate of the whole class has reached about 95%. This organization was chosen because of the authenticity of the data and strict management. After adding it to Teacher Ren s WeChat, I also consulted Mr. Ren, and he asked about my age, education, etc. His suggestion is: It is completely possible to train into the industry. The time cost is easy to ignore. If I choose to earn enough money to study again, a lot of time has been wasted. It is not easy to find a good training institution from the overwhelming advertisements, let alone find an industry benchmark. It was also because of teacher Ren's suggestion that I decided to leave for class as soon as the installment was over.

Later, the training plan was advanced because the company wanted us to sign an agreement similar to a deed. The company wants to train us, send us to learn electric stoves, go to the headquarters to learn, etc., but we need to sign a contract before going. The terms of the contract are probably that you must have worked in the company for at least 5 years at the end of the training. If you leave early, you will be compensated for 3w liquidated damages. If you refuse to sign a contract, is there still room for development in this company? If I don't refuse, my future plan cannot be implemented, and I am tied up by the deed of selling. So I resigned shortly after refusing to sign the contract, and set off for Guangzhou a week later. At that time, there were still 2 months before the payment of the installment.

The fifth stage: ask family members to support, choose retraining

I have long heard about the company sending us to learn about the need to sign a contract, but I didn't dare to leave before that moment, because I needed this income to pay back my installment. Plan ahead. If I leave the job and have no money, I still have to install it in installments. So I can only rely on my parents and ask my parents to support me for half a year, because I need 6 months of training, 1500 per month. I can live in Guangzhou and I can only find those who are not enough. Classmates and friends borrow money. Tell my parents that I paid for the training before. This training does not cost money, only living expenses. In the training, I choose 0 yuan to enroll (it is an instalment loan similar to the first training, which is less when I study, and a lot after work, and I can only study with a loan). After I got a job after graduation, I got a salary of 12k, and I honestly explained to my parents that I spent money on both training sessions, and I was cheated for the first time. In order not to put pressure on the parents, I didn't tell them honestly before.

I taught myself for about 3 months. I told my father about my thoughts before leaving the job and asked them to give me some money a month, and I would go for training. I also thought about entering the industry through self-study at work. It's just that the efficiency will be very low, and the self-study exam will be a long way off to find a job. I can't wait any longer. I was only 24 years old while I was young. If I fail, I can do it again. Decided to take a gamble, training can only rely on yourself.

Decided to go to training and wrote:

On November 24, 2020, go through the resignation procedures, and set off with a suitcase on the 25th. When I mentioned my resignation in advance, the leader also talked to me a few times, just to test my wishes and hope that I would stay. I resigned at the end of the month and applied for half a month in advance. After I had resigned, I was very awkward to stay there. I didn't dare to leave immediately because I had no money and nowhere to go, so I had no choice but to cheeky and "mixed" to the day before the high-speed train set off.

Written on the way to Guangzhou:

It's ridiculous. On the day of leaving the job, I got on the bus from Yanglin to Kunming. After getting on the bus, I found that I didn't have 20 yuan for the fare. The brother sitting next to me helped me pay first, and I saved 50 yuan from Alipay for the fare. I didn't have much money to go to Guangzhou, and the train tickets were bought in advance. The rent paid a deposit of 800. There is a shortfall of 500 yuan to rent a house. I found my brother and borrowed 500 as a deposit. Because I told the landlord that I was a student and didn't have much money, I asked her to only charge me a deposit of 800. The rent is 600 a month. On the first floor in a deep alley, the kind of small black house that you can't see without turning on the lights during the day, the kind of moldy wallets and damp quilts in the rainy season in July, is simply terrifying.

Two days after I came to Guangzhou, I started to take classes. The previous month was the basics, and I could keep up well, because I passed the basics three times. After that, I devote myself to learning and write in my notebook: Be the hardest person. Come to encourage yourself. Get up early every day and go to the classroom to preview first. Go back late. Uninstall all kinds of entertainment software for mobile games and short videos. Reject all entertainment activities. After that, the circle of friends disappeared for half a year, and she practiced in closed doors. Studying is lonely and lonely, and I am also grateful to a few friends who can give me encouragement and support during the hardest time. Of course, I should be most grateful for the support of my parents. During the epidemic, I had no income and I had no living expenses. My father asked friends to lend me money for living expenses. After returning home during the Chinese New Year, I took a one-month online course due to the epidemic. Dare not relax.

About to graduate in panic, the plans listed:

On June 28, 2020, I graduated. After several rounds of mock interviews, my heart still has no bottom. Can I really be qualified for the job in the workplace by training? Fortunately, the organization is very reliable, and the skills taught are often updated based on popular technologies in the workplace.

The sixth stage: find a satisfactory job, plan for the next five years

Interviewed 8 companies, the first 7 were all hanged and beaten. The interview was to be hanged and beaten back to check for missing or fill vacancies. The mentality of not being afraid of fighting, the next one will continue after failure. After all, I was just a fledgling, and I met 7 of them at that time, and it was really a bit of a breakdown. I wondered if I was really bad at one time! The eighth is outsourcing and gave me 12k. I should take it immediately. I really need a chance to get a job and understand what the actual job is.

This is the first offer I received:

The outsourcing was done for 7 months. After the Spring Festival, the project work was over, and the company adjusted its personnel to focus on the development of middle- and Taiwanese business. I asked if the company could get me a regular, because I have learned that the employees with me also have a bachelor degree, and my degree is also a bachelor s degree, which is not worse than them. Strong, the prospects are also very good. Unfortunately, HR informed our company that there is no system standard for outsourcing and conversion. So I proposed to resign. I resigned very quickly. I think it was because I was an outsourcing. After fixing the bugs in my code scanning that day, I proposed to resign, and resigned immediately after completing the formalities on the same day. I am very grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity to join them. Although I am not a formal internal employee, I have learned a lot in the company. I personally experienced the process of project development and gave me a good work experience for changing jobs and responding to interviews. In fact, my second company is indeed a job opportunity obtained by my first company's work experience.

After resigning and returning home, I spent half a month at home preparing for the interview.

On March 15, 2021, I was hired directly by Boos to make my revised resume visible on the platform HR. Try it in advance, I am not in a hurry to make an appointment for an interview, I am still a little bit unsure, I don't know how much I can get a job. I want a high salary, but I am worried that my strength will not support my ambitions.

There are many companies that ask for interviews, but I declined the outsourcing. I want to join a Party A s company with good benefits and access to core business. The main reason is to look better in the job resume in the future, and believe that I am no longer at the level of outsourcing.

I met three interviews on the 20th. I was very lucky. They all got offers. They were paid at 14, 15, and 16. They were relatively satisfied. I chose the 15 industrial Internet company. Unfortunately, this company is a bit difficult to work after joining the company. The certification center (SecurityAauth2, which involves knowledge blind spots), the new project started from zero, I did not stick to it, I am still not confident, and not strong enough. The leader and HR persuaded me 6 times before and after, and asked me not to put too much pressure on myself. In the end, I quit my job and went to a 16K company. To be honest, 15k companies have my favorite working atmosphere and the most comfortable relationship with colleagues. It s a pity that strength doesn t allow it. Staying in the company doesn t bring real value. I feel uncomfortable. I feel that the company pays me and I cannot bring benefits. , I hope you all prepare yourself so that you can catch the opportunity only when you have an opportunity.

Offer of 14k:

15k offer:

No matter which company I was in, I learned a lot. Let me realize the weakness of my technical ability. Realize that most of the technology is only at the theoretical stage and it is difficult to implement. So after work, the study plan needs to be implemented immediately. After all, no programmer has the dream of entering a big factory!

16k Offer: The company you are currently working for.

The brand-new company had to be a brand-new challenge. Fortunately, the leader gave me enough time to grow, learn with an open mind, and prepare for the next dream. I also reported the online architect course, ready to take a break to recharge.


I always have a sense of crisis, thinking about something like what am I doing in 5 years? What do you rely on to survive and survive? Then it forced me to keep learning. In fact, the IT industry will fall behind if I don t learn. I saw a lot of talents, how high their salaries are, and what kind of good companies they have entered. I am the envy of my real name, and I also know that others must have worked harder than others to get in. Now I want to prepare and study more. I hope that one year later, I will have the opportunity to hit the big factory.

In my experience, there will be noble people to help me to have today. I am also very happy to help others, because my story has affected the students around me, and they also choose to enter IT. I am very happy. In this vast Guangzhou, Yunnan's programmer team currently knows two people, haha! He has just joined the company and has a salary of 11k. Another university classmate is studying, currently less than two months, living with me, financial difficulties, I help the rent, wait for him to get employed, and then pay me back. I am very happy to be able to influence and help people around me.

After reading my experience, if you have any questions, hesitate before choosing, do not understand the content of IT work, etc., you can talk to me, I will help you if I know, and I will help you if I don t know Resource answers.

I am the second battalion commander, and I hope my experience can give you some inspiration. This is my WeChat ID. Please indicate what you want to add. Welcome to harass.

This is the official account that I registered. There are some study notes. I will share the summary of my work later. I hope to share with you that can make everyone grow.