7-year-old Android received an offer from Ali, and asked the leader to leave the job and was criticized: Do you not be a brother for the annual salary of one million?

7-year-old Android received an offer from Ali, and asked the leader to leave the job and was criticized: Do you not be a brother for the annual salary of one million?

In today s society, money is a measure of a person s value. If you are in a company, no matter how the leaders reuse you, but the salary is very low, it is basically difficult to retain people. After all, work is to make money. Can't be satisfied, talking about others is simply nonsense.

Recently, I saw such a popular post on the career forum, "7-year-old Android received an offer from Ali, and was angry when he asked the leader to leave: just for the annual salary of one million, even the brothers would not do it. what happened? Please look down.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

This netizen said that after graduating from university, he worked at Sina for 5 years. At Sina, he managed to bring about 10 people to the grassroots level. The leaders resigned and went out to start a business and finance. They have also been doing it for 2 years now. The annual salary is 700,000, but it is actually outsourcing the company's sales and investment managers. The technology is average and the management structure ability is nothing. Recently, I got an annual salary of 1.2 million from Ali.                                                     

When Keti resigned, the leader even said: In our 965, go to Fubao Factory 996, is it really what you want? Can an annual salary of one million change lives qualitatively? Besides, you were brought out by me alone. For the sake of an annual salary of one million, you wouldn't even do it as a brother? The man was melancholy after hearing what the leader said.

Netizens have expressed their views on this:

  • Some netizens said: Listening to your boss, Yun Yiyun, in order to keep you bullshit, I do not deny that Fubao Factory has a department in 996, but most of the group's business departments have not worked overtime to this level.
  • Some netizens also said: Talking to him about money, he is playing a hooligan if he doesn't give it to you. He talks about ideals with the boss's financial freedom, and you are not yet able to talk about your ideal financial ability.
  • Some netizens said: Go and see, there is no regret in life... It's just that you may not be able to adapt and will come out soon, don't ask me how I know, because I just asked to leave.
  • Some netizens said: Going to Fuchang is not necessarily a wise choice. It is necessary to make a breakthrough on the original basis, and see if you have this energy.

To be honest, people go to higher places and water flows to lower places. There is such a good platform as Ali, why not go? Moreover, the annual salary of 1.2 million is not as big as the current 700,000. The most important thing is to go to Ali to learn things, and it will also be of great help to oneself in the future. This kind of leadership is the most speechless, not talking about money or feelings. It's a hooligan. If you are you, you can't leave, so don't hesitate. Going to Ali is the best choice. If you want to keep people, you can afford to pay.


Having said so much, it is nothing more than a few thoughts: Analyze your own situation; make choices that suit you; take growth as the purpose, take more responsibilities, and break the cognition of doing things; seize the opportunity to temper yourself; abandon some laziness, Be more positive; approach the awesome people, approach the teachers who provide you with conditions to help you learn.

I have been doing Android development by myself in the 6th year. Two years after graduation, I have the honor to join the big family of ByteDance. In the 4 years of Byte, I have witnessed too many people coming and going. I am deeply impressed by a colleague who switched jobs to Ali and directly doubled his salary. However, I also saw many people bumping into the wall covered with "big factory" gold. Technically!

I may be considered a successful example myself. I achieved 2-2 from 1-1 in 4 years. Of course, the "sorrowful tears" behind this will be discussed in the future. In general, thanks to my continuous learning, review and summary, and improve my skills!

It s almost the "Golden 3.Silver Four" interview season, and I will share with you a collection of ** "Android Development 2020 Interview Questions Collection"**

The interview book not only includes the questions I encountered in the interview, but also includes questions collected from some friends. In the future work, I will continue to update and enrich the interview book. Of course, I also hope that everyone can contribute more high-quality interview questions.

It not only shows the common interview questions and answering skills, but also explains in detail the knowledge points contained in each question, so that every programmer not only knows what it is, but also why it is.

You can get a little sense of the actual interview situation through the actual interview records I have recorded, and learn some interview skills from them so that you can be handy in future interviews and get your favorite offers smoothly.

Due to space reasons, the following screenshots show part of the content. If you need the following complete study notes PDF, you can like + comment to support the worker brother, click here to pick it up for free !

The main body is divided into 4 parts:

  • Java basic + advanced ( )
  • Android basic + advanced ( )
  • Frequently Asked Questions of Project Interview ( )
  • Resume + social recruitment solution + classic HR interview analysis

1. Java basic + advanced ( )

1.HashMap 2.ArrayList 3.LinkedList 4.Hashset source code analysis 5. Memory model 6. Garbage collection algorithm (JVM) 7. The difference between garbage collection mechanism and calling System.gc()? 8. Class loading process 9. Reflection 10. Multithreading and thread pool 11. Creating multithreading, the working principle of thread pool 12. Design pattern (six basic principles, commonly used design patterns in projects, handwritten singleton, etc.) 13. Resume from a breakpoint 14. Java four major references 15. Java generics 16. The difference between interfaces and abstract classes 17. Discuss the application of abstract classes and interfaces from the design of java container classes

2. Android basic + advanced


  • Activity life cycle under typical circumstances?
  • Activity life cycle & how to save and restore data under abnormal conditions?
  • After jumping from Activity A to Activity B, and then clicking back to build, what is their life cycle calling process?
  • How to count the working hours of Activity?
  • Tell me about the startup mode & usage scenarios of Activity.
  • How to close all activities of the application at any position & how to close the specified activity at any position?
  • What is the Activity task stack? Is it useful in the project?
  • How to communicate between Activities & between Activity and Fragment & between Activity and Service?
  • Comparison of the life cycle of Activity and Fragment?
  • Know which flags are commonly used in Activity?
  • What is the difference between using Intent to transfer data and Bundle to transfer data? Why not use HashMap?
  • In the implicit start Intent can set multiple actions, multiple categories & by the way, their matching rules?
  • Is there any restriction on Activity's use of Intent to pass data? What should I do if I pass a complex object, such as a complex control object?
  • Can the setContentView method be called multiple times in Activity? Tell me what happens when setContentView is called for the second time at a different time?
  • How to set the entry and exit animation for Activity?
  • Is there any way to start an activity that has not been registered in AndroidManifest.xml?


  • What is broadcasting? (School recruitment & internship)
  • What are the registration methods for broadcasting?
  • Broadcast classification & characteristics & usage scenarios?
  • Talk about the principles & differences & usage scenarios of system broadcasting and local broadcasting.
  • There are two applications registered for the same broadcast, one is static and the other is dynamic, even with the same priority. Then when the broadcast is sent from the system, which application receives the broadcast first?


  • What is a content provider? (School recruitment & internship)
  • Talk about how to create your own application content provider & usage scenarios. (School recruitment & internship)
  • Talk about the principle of ContentProvider.
  • What is the relationship between ContentProvider, ContentResolver, ContentObserver?
  • Talk about the permission management of ContentProvider.


  • What is Service? (School Recruitment & Internship)
  • Talk about the life cycle of Service. (School recruitment & internship)
  • What is the difference between Service and Thread? (School recruitment & internship)
  • The implicit startup problem and its solutions above Android 5.0.
  • Tell me about the Service keep-alive plan
  • What is IntentService & Principle & Usage Scenario & The difference between IntentService and Service.
  • What should I do to create an independent process Service?
  • How to communicate between Service and Activity?
  • Tell me about the system Service you know.
  • Talk about your understanding of ActivityManagerService.
  • What is the difference between creating a Thread in Activtiy and creating a Thread in a Service?


  • Must the child thread not update the UI? (School Recruitment & Internship)
  • Tell me about the principle of Handler (school recruitment & internship)
  • How did you solve the memory leak caused by Handler?
  • How to use Handler to let the child thread communicate with the child thread?
  • Can you tell me about the design principle of Handler?
  • What is HandlerThread & principle & usage scenarios?
  • What is IdleHandler?
  • Can a thread create multiple Handler, Handler and Looper correspondences?
  • Why does the Android system not recommend that child threads access the UI?
  • Why does the infinite loop of Looper not cause the application to freeze?
  • Can a Handler be created directly in the child thread?
  • What are the differences in the way the Message object is created?
  • Is there any connection between ANR and Handler?
  • What is the difference between the Looper of the child thread and the Looper of the main thread?
  • Talk about why Handler cannot communicate across processes?
  • How to realize the message delay of Handler?
  • What is a message barrier?
  • Assuming that the main thread has new Handler A, Handler B and Handler C, and now there is a child thread, a message is sent through Handler C in the child thread, can Handler A and Handler B receive it? why?


  • What is AsyncTask? What problems can be solved (school recruitment & internship)
  • Tell me about the three generic parameter functions of AsyncTask & some of its method functions.
  • Tell me about the principle of AsyncTask.
  • Do you think AsyncTask has its shortcomings?


  • What is the difference between Fragment under the v4 package and Fragment under the app package in Android?
  • Fragment life cycle & please talk about it in conjunction with the life cycle of Activity.
  • Talk about how Fragment is lazy loading
  • Will there be memory leaks when combined with ViewPager + Fragment & how to solve it?
  • How to communicate between Fragment and Activity & How to communicate between Fragment?
  • Tell me about Fragment3 switching methods and their differences & usage scenarios.
  • What is the difference between getFragmentManager, getSupportFragmentManager, and getChildFragmentManager?
  • What is the difference between FragmentPagerAdapter and FragmentStatePagerAdapter?
  • How does Fragment achieve the push and pop effect similar to the Activity stack?


  • What is serialization & what can it be used for? (School Recruitment & Internship)
  • How many serialization methods are there in Android? Talk about the difference between them. (School Recruitment & Internship)
  • What should I do if some fields in the class that I want to serialize are not serialized?


  • Tell me about your understanding of Android multi-process development?
  • What are the ways of inter-process communication in Android?
  • What is AIDL? How to create an AIDL.

File storage

  • Talk about the way of data persistence in Android & usage scenarios. (School Recruitment & Internship)
  • Have you been in contact with MMKV? Talk about the difference between SharedPreference and it.
  • Which third-party database frameworks have been used? Have you ever packaged a SQLite library yourself?
  • Is SQLite thread safe & is SharedPreference thread safe? (School Recruitment & Internship)
  • Please tell me briefly what is the third-level cache? (School Recruitment & Internship)
  • The difference between apply and commit of SharedPreference.
  • Talk about your understanding of SQLite transactions.
  • Investigation of all kinds of strange SQL statements. (School Recruitment & Internship)

ListView & RecyclerView

  • What is ListView? how to use?
  • What is RecyclerView? how to use? How to return different items.
  • What is the difference between ListView and RecycyclerView?
  • Separately talk about your optimization experience for ListView & RecyclerView.
  • Talk about the recycling and reuse mechanism of RecyclerView
  • Talk about how you add more mechanisms to ListView & RecyclerView with pull-to-refresh & pull-to-load.
  • Talk about how you do partial refresh of ListView & RecycleView?
  • Talk about how to carry out paging loading?
  • What problems usually occur when a ListView is nested under a ScrollView?
  • When a ListView or a RecyclerView displays news data, the picture is misaligned. What are the possible reasons & how to solve it?

Picture programming

  • Do you know Bitmap? How does it exist in memory?
  • Do you know the reasons why Bitmap causes OOM? How to optimize?
  • Tell me about image compression.
  • The principle of LruCache & DiskLruCache.
  • Tell me about some third-party image loading libraries that you usually use, it's best to talk to me about its principles.
  • If you were asked to design an image loading library, how would you design it?
  • There is a very big picture, how do you load this big picture?
  • Do you know some libraries for processing pictures in Android (OpenCv & GPUImage...)?
  • How to calculate the size of a picture in the memory?


  • Will WebView cause memory leaks? what is the reason? What are the solutions?
  • Do you know Hybrid development? Tell me about your relevant experience.
  • Talk about the role & usage of the three classes of WebSettings & WebViewClient & WebChromeClient.
  • Tell me about the Hybrid framework you know.
  • How to improve the loading speed of native WebView?
  • Talk about your understanding of the working mechanism of webView, have you optimized it in your project? What are the starting points?


  • What is ViewPager? Talk about its adapters. (School Recruitment & Internship)
  • Do you know ViewPager2? What are the differences with ViewPager 1?
  • What is the cause of the memory leak in the combined use of ViewPager + Fragment? How to solve?

View event distribution mechanism

  • What is the event distribution mechanism? What kind of problem is it mainly used to solve?
  • Tell me about the process of event distribution & some cases of conflict resolution in your project.
  • Separately talk about the role and relationship of the three methods of event distribution.
  • What happens if I force the dispatchTouchEvent method to return true or false in a TextView with a click event set?
  • Tell me about your knowledge of MotionEvent? Under what circumstances is the Cancel event triggered?
  • Can you tell me about the coordinate system in Android?

View drawing mechanism

  • Talk about the View drawing process. (School Recruitment & Internship)
  • Talk about the Activity View tree structure.
  • What are the ways to customize the View? Tell me about the case in your previous project.
  • What is the difference between invalidate and postvalidate?
  • Tell me about some of the methods that you often rewrite when customizing View?
  • Talk about how to customize attributes in custom View?
  • What is the difference and connection between requestLayout(), onLayout(), onDraw(), and drawChild()?
  • How to calculate the nesting level of a View?
  • How does custom View consider model adaptation?


  • Talk about the layout & features in Android.
  • Do you know the process of layout file to control object?
  • There is such a layout requirement, a text control is placed in the middle of half of the screen, how do you layout it?
  • LinearLayout, FrameLayout, RelativeLayout performance comparison, why?


  • What is Binder? What is it used for?
  • Tell me specifically about the Binder mechanism.

3. Frequently Asked Questions of Project Interview ( )

  • Development cycle
  • Problems encountered in the project
  • The biggest gain in the project
  • How the project went live
  • How the project is profitable
  • Draw project architecture diagram
  • Project development process
  • Your role in the project
  • Which modules in the project are you responsible for
  • Talk about the specific implementation of the module you are responsible for
  • Which third-generation frameworks are used in the project
  • Have you ever written a framework by yourself
  • How do you improve yourself (learning) in your spare time
  • Do you have your own technical blog
  • Your career plan
  • Why leave
  • Why choose our company
  • Talk about the highlights and shortcomings of your project
  • How does your project maintain a consistent style
  • How is the project structure built
  • How to solve the screen adaptation
  • What source code have you seen
  • How is the project version upgraded
  • What version control tool to use
  • Can you develop independently
  • How the app interacts with the server
  • Have you written the requirements document?
  • Have you written the interface documentation?
  • Which cloud servers have been used
  • Which third-party platforms have used

4. Resume + Social Recruitment Answers + Classic HR Interview Analysis

The above is a summary of the real questions encountered in the Android intermediate and senior interviews. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. At the same time, many people often encounter many interview questions about resume production, career confusion, and HR classic interview questions. I also collected and compiled a full set of resume production, puzzles of recruitment by the Golden 3.Silver 4.Clubs, and HR interviews. If you have any questions, I can provide professional answers.

For Android developers, it should be the most comprehensive and complete interview information. In order to better organize each module, I refer to many high-quality blog posts and projects on the Internet, and strive not to miss every knowledge point. Many friends relied on these contents to review and got offers from big manufacturers such as BATJ. This information has also helped many Android developers, and I hope to help you too.

"Android Interview Questions Analysis" PDF full HD version + "Android Interview Knowledge System" learning mind map compression package You can read and download it on my [Github] , and finally find it helpful and needy friends Can like it